Drum Loch Fishing Reports

If you have any reports of fish being caught on our river beats or on the Drum loch please send them to reports@dgaa.org.uk. We only need your name, some details of the fish, and where and when it was caught. We will not publish your name, only details of your catch.


Please note that we only hear of a fraction of the fish being caught on our water. If we do not hear the report first hand we will not pubish information about it. Overall this year our beats are fishing significantly better than they have in the last few years. We have heard of Salmon and Sea Trout being caught throughout the year and we are fully expecting the back end fishing to be an exciting time.

Catches for Wed 2nd Sept:

36 fish were caught to 4 rods fishing, only 1 fish was retained the rest were returned. One angler had 18 fish and another 11, and a good few fish were hooked and lost.

Week Ending 6th Sept:

We have had good week on the Drum loch. 77 Fish were landed with 66 returned. Best rod of the week was 18 fish in one morning.

Week Ending 12th Sept:

The weather has made it a hard week at the Drum with a north wind blowing up the loch and bright sunshine. There were 40 fish caught and 31 of these were returned. David Dillon was fishing on Sunday and had over 25 fish to the net (all returned).

Week ending 21st Sept:

Another great week on the drum 76 fish to the net and 63 of these were returned, and a good number of fish hooked and lost . Top rod this week David Dillon with 25 fish for his day all returned.

Week Ending 26th Sept:

Another good weeks fishing with 57 fish caught and 37 returned. There were also many more hooked and lost.


We had a quiet spell at the start of the month, mainley due to the weather not being ideal for Trout fishing. We also had a clean up and stocking of the loch earlier in the month to take us through the winter. The platforms have all been strimmed again and a fair bit of weed cutting was also done in the loch itself. It is looking really nice again and fish are being caught from every platform. The extra cloud cover last week has seen more fishermen out, this has resulted in 66 fish brought to the net with 39 being returned. William Mcghie had 12 fish for his afternoons effort and I have heard a report that two anglers caught 20 odd fish each one afternoon but this needs to be confirmed.

Week Ending 24th Oct:

A fantastic week on the Drum for the time of year with 92 fish being netted of which 72 were returned. Best rod of the week goes to E Fisher with 8 Rainbows.