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Holm stream


After the Top Boards the river flows in a streamy fashion for about a hundred yards through the Holm Pool. There is depth to the water here and this is classic fly water. The pool is lightly fished but salmon are still caught here. The Nith flows through a gravel bed in this section here and as a result the water course continually changes. Just now the river seperates into two forks as it flows out of the Top Boards. A larger flow run out over a narrow angle down to the wooded right bank. The smaller right hand fork turns a sharper angle out of the Top Boards and runs down to the top of the wooded right bank then left and downwards to join the left fork again where it forms into the legendary "Railway Pool".

* Caution! The river runs through a gravel bed at this section and this can also lead to a soft and unstable river bed, especially in a flood. Extra care should be taken when wading and negotiating the banking *

The Holm Stream now takes a broken path, but the main flow has formed a perfect fly water. Due to the natural softness of the gravel river bed and islands, care should be taken at all times when accessing or wading this section of our river