Nith Pools

DGAA control the fishing, for all species, on a 2.5 mile double bank stretch of the lower river Nith.  Being at the lower end of the river, fresh fish can be encountered throughout the season, from the first day to the last.

The season runs from the 25th of February until the 30th of November for migratory fish, one of the longest open seasons in the entire country.  Grayling fishing is practised during the migratory fish close season also. Our beat winds its way through pastoral farmland in the beautiful Dumfriesshire countryside. Wading is generally easy, over a Stable gravel bottom, although caution is advised.

 Our beat is home to some notable and productive pools.  On our beat you will discover a variety of water, suitable for all methods.  Holding pools such as the Top Boards, Stab and Dalscone, which can yield fish in low water as well as high, are complimented by streamier, shallower sections such as the Railway, Bluffs, Denholms and the Back o the Woods.  

The Nith is a large spate river.  Although on the lower reaches of the river, our beat fishes best for salmon on a falling spate. Different pools come into their best at different heights. 

Follow the links to find descriptions of the main pools on our Nith beat, together with photographs. The map below shows the pools and the upper and lower limits of DGAA fishing on the Nith.