The Railway pool is a pool of much local fame. Once regarded as one of the very best Sea Trout pools on the Nith.  This pool is fished from the left bank, access is from Carnsalloch car park. The Railway pool is another of our classic fly waters, a steady flow and reasonable depth, with lots of fishy looking water. This is complimented by an overhanging right bank which provides plenty of shade from the setting sun. The railway pool has a streamy tail which leads on into the bluffs, another classic and productive pool on our beat.

* Caution! The river runs through a gravel bed at this section and this can also lead to a soft and unstable river bed, especially in a flood. Extra care should be taken when wading and negotiating the banking *

The Railway pool starts where the river comes together again after the gravel islands at the top of the map. The pool then runs down the wooded banking beside the railway line down to the left hand corner where it turns and flows into the Bluffs.