Back o the Woods

The Back o the Woods is fished from the right bank access is via Dalscone or Bloomfield, crossing the A75 road bridge and then walking downstream. The river turns right to form a deep pool which shallows out into a long gently curving pool. Here the river is simply beautiful. A wooded steep left bank drops down to the river. The main push of the current is along the left bank. Fishable along its whole length and good for all methods, although this is particularly excellent fly water. This pool holds a good head of resident trout and grayling and fishes well for salmon and sea trout. The pool fishes well from low to medium flows.  The back of the woods is the last section of our Nith beat. Anglers must not fish downstream of the beat marker signs- where the burn enters the pool on the left bank.

Back o the Woods starts at the green arrow. The Red mark is the end of our fishings.