The Bluffs

Fished from the left bank and accessed from Carnsalloch car park and walking upstream. Due to the change in the river channel upstream of the bluffs, the direction of flow entering the head of the pool has changed in recent years. This has changed the pool, creating beautiful and productive water, excellent for the fly. The Bluffs is relatively shallow with a steady flow, the main push of current being down the right bank. The right bank is steep and cliff like, hence the name Bluff, scots for cliff. As well as being a good salmon pool, the Bluffs is an excellent sea trout pool. The Bluffs fishes from very low water to perhaps 2.5 ft on the gauge. Below the Bluffs is a streamy shallow section which flows for 250 yards. This section is very rarely fished but is known to yield occasional fish. This stream leads to what was known as the Burn Mouth, where a stream enters the river. These days the Burn Mouth and the next pool, the Stab, are in effect one pool.

The Bluffs sits between the green markers.